About Bradd Kern: A Pioneer In Natural Skincare And Environmental Advocacy

Bradd Kern, a New England native, has always been an advocate for the natural world, particularly the ocean. As one of the visionary founders of Sea Bottle, a company dedicated to crafting natural skincare products, Bradd has successfully blended his passion for health and beauty with his commitment to environmental sustainability.

Based in the picturesque setting of Newport Beach, California, Sea Bottle stands as a beacon of innovation in the natural skincare market, distinguished by its staunch commitment to eco-friendliness and ocean conservation.

Bradd’s journey into the world of natural products began with a stark realization about the harmful effects of toxic chemicals commonly found in personal care products. This discovery ignited a deep desire to create safer, more attractive alternatives that would be kind to human bodies and the environment.

This resolve led to the establishment of Sea Bottle, which is now renowned for its unique approach to product design—melding therapeutic, ocean-inspired essential oils and marine ingredients into formulations that are as nurturing to the skin as they are gentle on the marine ecosystem.

Bradd Kern
Bradd Kern

Sea Bottle’s operational ethos is characterized by a profound respect for the natural environment. Every aspect of their product development process, from conception through to delivery, is infused with this ethos. The company’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its choice of materials and packaging solutions: products are housed in frosted glass bottles instead of plastic, reflecting a dedication to reducing plastic waste and promoting recycling. Furthermore, a significant portion of each sale is donated to nonprofit organizations like the Lonely Whale Foundation and Rigs-To-Reefs, which focus on ocean health, education, and research.

Transition To Content Creation: Expanding Influence Through Blogging

In 2024, Bradd Kern took a significant step to broaden his impact by starting a blog dedicated to personal product analysis and firsthand usage reviews. This new venture has provided a platform for Bradd to share his extensive knowledge and experience in the natural products industry with a wider audience. The blog delves into various topics, ranging from comprehensive reviews of skincare products and their environmental impact to discussions on sustainable lifestyle choices and personal wellness.

Bradd’s blog serves as an educational resource that helps consumers navigate the complexities of natural and eco-friendly products. By providing detailed analyses and transparent reviews, he empowers his readers to make informed decisions that align with their health goals and environmental values. His writings often explore the intersection of science and sustainability, shedding light on how consumers can contribute to ocean preservation through conscious buying decisions and lifestyle changes.

Furthermore, the blog reflects Bradd’s ongoing commitment to ‘Reconnect with Natural,’ a philosophy that underpins all his endeavors. It not only underscores the practical aspects of using and choosing natural products but also fosters a deeper connection with the natural world, encouraging a lifestyle that prioritizes both personal health and environmental stewardship.

Through his blog, Bradd Kern continues to inspire and educate his audience, reinforcing the core values of Sea Bottle and sparking a broader conversation about the importance of sustainability in our daily lives. His efforts are a testament to the powerful role that informed advocacy and passionate commitment can play in shaping a healthier, more sustainable future.

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Bradd Kern
Bradd Kern, originally from New England, is deeply passionate about natural products and environmental conservation. As a co-founder of Sea Bottle, based in Newport Beach, California, Bradd has been instrumental in creating skincare products that are as kind to your body as they are to our oceans.

Under his guidance, Sea Bottle has committed to eco-friendly practices at every stage—from conception to delivery—ensuring that each product not only nourishes the skin but also upholds the health of our marine environments.

Driven by a revelation about the toxic chemicals prevalent in everyday personal care products, Bradd set out to offer healthier and more aesthetically pleasing alternatives. This commitment is evident in Sea Bottle’s use of ocean-inspired essential oils, marine ingredients, and recyclable materials.

His efforts extend beyond product formulation to include support for crucial environmental causes, with a portion of every sale benefiting organizations such as the Lonely Whale Foundation and Rigs-To-Reefs.
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