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Newport Beach, California,
United States.

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Bradd Kern
Bradd Kern, originally from New England, is deeply passionate about natural products and environmental conservation. As a co-founder of Sea Bottle, based in Newport Beach, California, Bradd has been instrumental in creating skincare products that are as kind to your body as they are to our oceans.

Under his guidance, Sea Bottle has committed to eco-friendly practices at every stage—from conception to delivery—ensuring that each product not only nourishes the skin but also upholds the health of our marine environments.

Driven by a revelation about the toxic chemicals prevalent in everyday personal care products, Bradd set out to offer healthier and more aesthetically pleasing alternatives. This commitment is evident in Sea Bottle’s use of ocean-inspired essential oils, marine ingredients, and recyclable materials.

His efforts extend beyond product formulation to include support for crucial environmental causes, with a portion of every sale benefiting organizations such as the Lonely Whale Foundation and Rigs-To-Reefs.
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